LITARTSTUDIO is a small art design studio. We are open to cooperation and value each client. Our services include create unique style, layout, prepress, illustration, outdoor advertising, animation and 3D visualization. In addition, we will be happy to create for you a pretty piece of art that can decorate your home.

We guarantee quality, speed of work and maximum comfort for our customers and partners. Let’s collaborate!


We love painting and create with inspiration! It’s nice to know that our works delight friends and clients. Some art (oil / watercolour) you can order on In addition, we will be happy to create unique art paintings for the art salons or decoration for your bedroom or livingroom. We can also create unique watercolor cards for your loved ones.


We have many years of experience in the field of prepress. We have prepared many books, brochures, booklets, newspapers and magazines for print. We create high-quality layout for printed publications and unique designs. By ordering a layout for a book or flyer, magazine or business card, you will receive a high-quality product, painless communication with typography specialists and pleasant impressions from cooperation with the LitArt!


–°reating a logo and a distinctive style is a something unique. We will help you to find your style. We have experience in creation original illustrations both by hand and in vector / digital form. By the way, whole work while creation of a vector illustration (logo, banner, comics) before implementation in the Adobe Illustrator is created exclusively by hand on paper.


Do you want to breathe life into your website and fill it with bright, impressive ads? Or want to make your idea, product or services come to life and play brightly on the pages of your personal website or social network? Will help you create a memorable animation that will convey your personality, style, taste and encourage your customers to place an order.


We provide website design prototyping services. We have experience in creating sites based on CMS WordPress / Joomla. For unique solutions, we will be glad to offer the creation of single page applications (SPA) on React / Redux.


Do you want to create 3D models for the interior or maybe the interior itself? Do you need visualization of objects or landscape? And to make it look “real”? We will try not to disappoint.